Eric Williamson is a keynote speaker, consultant and author of the book How to Work with Jerks. Order your copy today on Amazon or contact him for a signed copy. He works at the intersection between conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. He specializes in the arena of removing workplace friction so that IT leaders can thrive through uncertainty and achieve their long and short-term goals. For more information about thriving through uncertainty, engaging your teams during turbulent times, or a strategic working session to achieve your long- and short-term goals, visit

How to Build Rapport in the IT Industry

Rapport is Power

Relationships are the most consequential factors to your success in the workplace. Whether it involves working with jerks and other people you can’t stand, managing conflict, or simply working with others to get stuff done, I’m sure most of you would agree that managing relationships is no easy task. It takes patience, skill, and a…

Leadership Skills for IT Employees

How to Lead Without the Leadership Title

Dealing with a bad boss? You’re not alone.  Throughout my travels across the country delivering keynotes and leading workshops, I have encountered plenty of people who are frustrated with dealing with a bad boss. I have heard countless stories about ineffective supervisors or poor performing managers who fail to motivate their staff, set clear expectations,…

Team-building for IT companies

Creating a Culture of Awesomeness: How Smart Leaders in IT Companies Lead their Teams During Uncertain Times

What defines an organization’s success? Does it take a great team, irresistible products, achieving long-and short-term goals? Or does it take something more? According to Michael Loggins, VP of IT at SMC Corporation, the global leader in manufacturing pneumatic technology for industrial automation that supports customers in every industrialized nation, his view is inherently different.…