Professional Speaking

Inspire, Motivate and Change

I've often been asked the question "why  include professional speaking as a part of your services when there are  so many professional speakers in the industry already?" There are three ways in which I answer this question:

  • ​Professional  speaking as a necessary vehicle to persuade, negotiate, inform,  motivate, and inspire others.  It is the difference maker that allows  you to close deals.  It adds credibility and provides tremendous value  in any business environment.  
  • Speaking  is a form of self-expression, like a writer, paper is the canvas and  the words are the expression. With speaking, not only are you expressing  your thoughts and ideas, you are revealing your true self to strangers  which is not only courageous it is self-less.
  • ​Public speaking has allowed me to break barriers in my career and personal life. As a Toastmasters International Competent Communicator and Competent Leader, I use these skills to motivate and inspire others.​


As  I have expressed in my winning speech "YOLO" in the Area 53  Toastmasters International competition, we have to break free of our  doubts and remove "what ifs" to explore our talents and find out what  makes us unique.

The  ability to speak professionally is a skill that requires practice and  courage to become proficient. Many people suffer from severe anxiety and  fear when challenged to speak in public.  This is because they have  never been given the chance to explore public speaking in an environment  that fosters encouragement and is without judgment or ridicule.

​During  each professional speaking workshop, consultants will teach students  the various aspects of speaking.  Students will learn how to organize  their thoughts and behavior to deliver impromptu speeches and prepared  speeches. These types of speeches offer tremendous value in the business  environment because it prepares students to think and convey thoughts  quickly, prepare thorough responses when asked questions, and brief  colleagues and management on important projects.  Our professional  speaking workshops provide students with the necessary leadership traits  to thrive in any business environment.  

-Eric L. Williamson

​TTS President/CEO