Leadership Development

Managing People, Managing Projects, Leading Organizations & Managing Self

A  dominate focus of our training involves successfully arming employees  to become effective leaders. This includes helping them develop the  confidence and resilience to handle stressful and burdensome situations  at work and learning how to manage conflict, but also includes  addressing employees' "leadership presence", which is instilled at every level of our training. TTS designed a Leadership Development/Presence Model which we consider the quintessential element for achieving and sustaining excellence.

Leadership  is among the top three priorities for all business sectors (public,  private, federal, etc.) and it is the most important factor in assessing  employee satisfaction. TTS leadership training will continue this trend  because we recognize the need for improved leadership at every  organizational level, especially at the executive level. Our leadership  training focuses on leading people, groups, change and encouraging ideas  through empathy, openness and transparency.

Our  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training is integrated with our leadership  development training to further enhance employee leadership skills and  to equip employees with tools to improve the working relationships  between colleagues and management. Such tools consist of sessions aimed  to enrich inter-personal skills and demonstrate the importance of  empathy. Learning to empathize plays a valuable role in managing  conflict. When engaged in conflict, we train employees how to evaluate  not only their own emotions and behaviors, but the motions and behaviors  of others.

In  order to accomplish this, our consultants train employees to understand  and reflect on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of others.  Employees receive this particular training through simulating real-life  scenarios that involve conflict in the workplace. Through these  simulated activities, employees will learn to identify the conflict and  the feelings associate with the conflict, evaluate and empathize with  the thoughts and behaviors of others and then to manage the situation by  taking the time to make prudent decisions once obtaining all the  information.

TTS  recognizes that difficult conversations are challenging but necessary.  To make these difficult conversations easier, especially when dealing  with performance issues, we offer various, effective techniques for  leaders to have these conversations.

We've also added an additional segment to our Leadership Develop/Presence workshop dedicate to diversity and inclusion.  As a minority and women-owned business, TTS understands that creating a  space for all stakeholders to feel valued is essential for continued  growth. TTS consultants guide the diversity and inclusion portion of the  training with an in-depth look at how the tolerance of ethnic  backgrounds, learning backgrounds, disabilities, etc., can boost  employee morale and positively impact an organizational culture.

TTS  will assess, train and counsel your leaders transforming them into  poised and influential leaders with the confidence to manage people,  manage projects, lead organizations and manage self.