Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Why it is so important to your overall success?


TTS uses five components to thoroughly assess employee's thought and behavior process:

  • ​Self-Perception
  • Self-Expression
  • Inter-Personal
  • Decision Making
  • Stress Management

TTS  has designed an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Self-Assessment survey,  which we circulate to employees prior to their first day of training to  give us a better understanding of how they manage situations, acquire,  retain and execute ideas which allows our consultants to design a  training that is immediately transferable to their day-to-day  organizational responsibilities.

Our  EQ workshop is integrated in all aspects of our training, as we  recognize its relevance on all staffing levels (program  staff, management, leadership, executive, etc.). This workshop nurtures  growth both internally when collaborating with staff, and externally  when engaging outside stakeholders. Additionally, our EQ workshop will  provide the necessary tools to manage stressful situations at any level  within the workplace environment to enable employees to focus more on  business productivity.

​This  particular training focuses on providing a direct understanding of  Emotional Intelligence and how it can be realistically applied toward  enhancing self and interpersonal capabilities, resulting in streamlined  goals, cognitive awareness and cultivated organizational proficiencies. 

TTS  also recognizes that not every employee desires to be promoted and not  every manager is ready to lead. Some employees simply want the necessary  skills to manage their job effectively and many employees in line to  manage a team need additional training in order to be a successful  leader. The EQ workshop is tailored to employees who want to become  effective managers--employees who want to communicate more effectively  with others, achieve maximum results, reduce conflict, improve working  relationships, manage stress effectively and meet the demands and  priorities within the organization.