Is your Business Communicating Effectively?

Let Tailored Training Solutions show you how!

TTS' Effective Communication workshop  consists of invaluable techniques of formal/informal written and  verbal/non-verbal communications, which incorporate the use of  controlling para-lingual communication (the use of tone and pitch) with  an added focus on productive feedback. One of the most underutilized  concepts of feedback is "active listening",  which consists of allowing a colleague to finish their thought or idea  before actively responding with feedback. Our communications training is  hands-on and fully interactive to cultivate a real-world understanding  among employees that communication is vital to their everyday  responsibilities.

Effective  communication within any business or organization  will reduce wasteful  spending and minimize the excessive use of resources, instead shifting  focus to clearly communicate the organization's objectives and mission.  This training will not only improve operational competencies but also  strengthen internal working relationships and ease conflicts.

TTS consultants integrate different aspects of effective communication into all of our training models:

  • Critical Thinking in correlation with Leadership Development
  • ​Active Listening Generates Effective Team Building
  • Verbal Communication and it's Linkage to Organization Transparency
  • ​Efficient use of Non-Verbal Communication to Foster Relationships

TTS  also focuses on the difficulties that can arise when teams are formed,  which entails a different level of disagreement when it comes to  communication. Our consultants encompass Bruce Tuckman's stages of team  formation:

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • ​Adjourning

A  vast concentration of all five stages is one-on-one communication and  accurately interpreting non-verbal signals. As with any non-verbal or  verbal communication approach, signals can get crossed and the  misinterpretation of gestures, posture or tone can create stressful  behavior that halts productivity during team relationship building.

Effective Communication is not a luxury, it is a necessity for every business. Stop wasting money on training that doesn't work and CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION!